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Contributors make up the fabric of our communities across the globe. As a long time, contributor to my community, I know this as it’s in my DNA to consistently and gracefully do so.

One of the biggest parts of pre-pandemic life that I miss the most is being in physical community with one another. Being in direct and active community together provides us all much needed emotional support. We catch quiet conversations where we learn if one of our community members is suffering or if a family needs support or justice in some way. I dearly miss these moments. I am hopeful that at some point in 2021 we can come back with a vigor and zeal for our collective communities as we have never seen before in America.

Contribution comes in many forms and not just the monetary kind. Key examples include: Organizing your neighborhood for inclusive government practices that benefit all people, working on a fundraising event for a charitable cause, supporting your neighbor in a time of need, being an active listener for a friend who is suffering, collecting toys, clothes, food, etc. for those in need, serving on a local nonprofit board - and the list goes on.

One of the best things about coaching is discovering that contribution can take shape in any way that is intentional and physical. When someone realizes that their dream or vision is truly a contribution to their community it takes on deeper meaning and life purpose. I have worked with numerous folks who thought that their dream was just personal and through our time together see how it really is a contribution to their community.

Contribution also shows up as doing what you said you would do - yes, when we honor our commitments and promises to ourselves and others, we are making a contribution. Even as I type this blog it occurs to me that I had to remind myself of this mantra as I had wanted to spend a lazy Sunday sorting out my new Mandalorian stickers rather than writing. I know that bringing my whole self to my coaching practice means doing what I said I would do even if it was an agreement with just me, so here I am!

Our contribution is put to the test when our minds hold us up with whatever seems to be getting in the way. We get lots of “conversations” in our minds saying...well I could put it off another day or I can push that deadline, etc., otherwise known as stopping points. Stopping points prevent us from being the generous contributors we came to the planet to be.

So, what are your stopping points and how do you move past them? Stopping points can be deeply personal, sensitive, uncomfortable, and challenging. A good and compassionate coach can support you with your stopping points so that you can be that consistent contributor for you, your family, and your community and do what you said you would do.

If you are a contributor to your community and have stopping points getting you to your vision or goal, I would love the opportunity to learn what you are doing to see how I can help OR how coaching might benefit you.

And remember doing what you said you would do creates new opportunities to widen your contribution sphere!

Quick Journaling/Meditation:

As we entering 2021 how will I actively contribute to my community in the next couple of months?

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