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"I can easily point to Silissa's coaching as one of the best turning points in my nonprofit. Her compassion and genuine concern for your success are palpable from the very start of her coaching sessions. Silissa has vast knowledge of nonprofits, a passion for the community, and the incredible ability to put you at ease while creating a safe space for you to work with her. I'm honored to be working with her and cannot recommend her coaching enough. " - Julie S. 

"Working with Silissa completely changed my career trajectory. I sought advancement in my current job then through her coaching found clarity to return to a field I was truly passionate about. As a result, in my new job I got a title promotion and earn more. I carry the skills I learned through Silissa with me every day. I highly recommend her--not only for the immediate benefits she will provide but those you will always carry."

- Client Ana Teresa Dahan

"Silissa Uriarte Smith is an incredible, experienced, compassionate, professional, insightful coach who guided me in setting up achievable realistic goals professionally and personally. She is an exceptional listener, trustworthy, reliable, organized, and resourceful. I recently started a mid-career transition returning back to graduate school and she has given me the tools needed to execute this new chapter successfully. She is a true advocate for all her clients and goes above and beyond ensuring she has my interests at heart.  

I am grateful to have her in my corner." - Maya K. Lechowick

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Individual Coaching

One of my coaching practice’s core visions is to meet people wherever they are at in life. I’m pleased to offer a sliding scale pricing system so that no one is left out of purpose-centered coaching. The sliding scale has a variety of levels to meet the needs of those with different types of budgets. 


Group Coaching

Group Coaching rates vary based on group size and the length of the series. During these challenging times, the sliding scale pricing system will apply typically to a lesser degree to accommodate professionals with stretched budgets.  


Team Coaching

Since Team Coaching primarily occurs within organizational settings, a sliding scale is used based on the overall yearly budget of the organization. This pricing helps ensure that smaller nonprofits and businesses have access to professional coaching services. 


Organizational Coaching

Organizational Coaching services are the most varied of the services that I offer. Each service comes with its own creative intricacies and design. 


I invite you to schedule a FREE 45-minute Discovery Session with me by clicking the link below. 

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